Magic At Het Land Van Ooit

February 16, 2018 • Home DecorKids

my relationship with HET LAND VAN OOIT started many, many years ago, when my sister had her first baby and put up her gift registry there. then my belgian friends started having babies and registering there, too. and even for the ones who didn’t, i often found myself stopping by the shop for gifts for their little ones. i didn’t know any place that had such a huge selection of beautiful brands and products, and of course it helped that the shop is right around the corner of where my parents live. but that’s not the only reason why het land van ooit earned a spot in my heart. the shop has grown so much over the past decade, but it’s still foremost a warm family business with the most passionate team.

three years ago, this shop is where we went to get most of the practical stuff we needed with juliet on the way. today, i find myself rediscovering the shop all over again, looking for the nicest things to add to our home for the arrival of juliet’s baby sister. there are even more brands to choose from now, and more lovely corners to get inspired by in the physical shop. when i went there a few weeks ago to start the registry (more on that later) i took a quick tour to take some pictures and show you around.

what you see in the photos are little peeks into the light and bright gift registry room, where the parents of newborn babies fill cupboards full of goodies. i especially love the slightly closed off zone where parents get some one on one time with het land van ooit’s super experienced staff, who guide them through tough decisions to be made. thought the shop has become positively gigantic over the years, it never feels like you’re strolling through a supermarket for kids stuff – lots of beautifully decorated nooks and corners make sure that you feel inspired all around. also, and i speak from personal experience, if you walk in here once every week, there’s something new to discover every. single. time!

i also wanted to show you the biggest decision we’ve made so far in terms of baby prep – the new baby bed! if you’ve been following along my baby prep adventure on INSTAGRAM, you may have seen some stories from my visit and already know i fell head over heels in love with the crib from OLIVER FURNITURE. their new mini wood+ is pictured on the 7th photo above, and though obviously i think it’s reall really pretty, let me tell you about its genius, too… like many other baby cots, it transforms to adapt to different stages in your kid’s life. so it start out as a small, cozy baby crib, that you can expand to junior size and open up on the side to let your kid get in and out by themself.

but what i love most about it, is that after that stage (where most other beds stop) you can buy a kit to convert the bed into a junio-sized and junior-height highsleeper! there wasn’t an example of that in het land van ooit (which showcases only oliver furniture’s full-size highsleeper), but i got a good look at it while i was at maison&objet last september, and you can discover it on oliver furniture’s WEBSITE, too. it’s so beautiful, and so good that it’s not full-blown single person size… it feels like a much cozier space for kids to make their own when they’re not quite babies anymore, but not quite teenagers either.

the plan that immediately formed in my head is this – juliet’s baby sister will sleep in her brand new cot until juliet is old enough to enjoy (and be safe on) a highsleeper and then i’ll switch baby sister to juliet’s junior sized bed. we’ll go through the different conversions of the mini wood+ much faster than if we would use it for just one kid, and i think this way we’ll get the most out of the bed we already have and the new one. you guys – i never thought i’d be able to get so excited about a BED, but there you go.

in the meantime, the bed is making its way over here so i can start planning where everyone is going to sleep (in my denial-heavy ideal world, everyone is going to SLEEP. A LOT.) so now the only thing left for me to do is choose the bedding and decorations to make it a beautiful and personal little space for the baby. i have no doubt in my mind i’ll find what i’m looking for at het land van ooit, which stocks (among MANY other brands) my absolute favorite CAMOMILE LONDON and gorgeous belgian brands LES RÊVES D’ANAÏS and COCO&PINE… the only difficulty i imagine having is narrowing down the thousands of options!

photos by stephanie duval • post in collaboration with HET LAND VAN OOIT

A Peek Into Our Living Room

January 30, 2018 • DesignHome Decor

you guys, do you remember when our living room looked LIKE THIS?? i could hardly believe it looking back at these photos. i mean, i still think it looks picture perfect and i am still head over heels in love with our sofa, but overall it looks kinda cold and not so cozy – right? our current living room looks a lot different… it is a continuous work in progress – if only for the fact that we keep most of juliet’s toys in here, so it feels like i spend half my waking time trying to control and clean up the mess she makes in here. i wouldn’t have it any other way though – for now, i can’t imagine her having a playing room somewhere else. i like having her close by and i love watching her play. besides, she’ll have plenty of time during her teenage years to lock herself up in her room as far away as possible from us, right?

so our living room has to be a kid-friendly place, but of course i don’t like to sacrifice our home’s style for that. so i am always, always looking for beautiful baskets to store juliet’s toys away from sight – is there anything uglier than duplo, i ask you? (luckily it’s also about the most fun toy that ever existed and juliet can play with it for such a long time). the teepee we’ve had since before she was born, and i love how it adds coziness to our large and open living space. juliet loves to sneak in there to do all the things she knows i would not approve of.

but the thing we struggled with for quite a while, is the coffee table. we used to have a fun little wire basket from ferm living, which i still love, but which didn’t prove to be very stable when a certain little human started pulling herself up by it. we’ve spilled everything from coffee to candle wax on our carpet because of it, and then finally decided it was time to look for a replacement. design webshop FLINDERS invited me to take a look at what they have on offer and i was pleasantly surprised by the sheer volume of beautiful brands and products they have on offer. i am a huge fan of HAY so i first looked at every little table they have – but it was THIS BEAUTY from muuto that i ended up falling in love with. sturdy and stable so we don’t have to worry it topples over, available in a variety of beautiful colors (we chose the oak, but i also really like the green!) and with a gorgeous design that is simple but at the same time interesting enough to not be ‘just another coffee table’. it’s also really big compared to what we had before, so we can have much more elaborate aperitifs (so, so important in life) and i can go to town decorating yet another little nook in our living room.

looking back on the photos of our old living room, it makes me realize what having a kid does to you. you collect a lot more STUFF, but you also invite a lot more coziness and warmth into your home. i will choose our current cozy mess over anything else, any day. i’ve tried to sum up below whatever else you can see in the photos above, but if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to drop them in the comments!

photos by stephanie duval • post created in collaboration with FLINDERS • brass and glass hurricane light from POMAX • brass round tray set from MALLING LIVING • moroso gentry sofa via MASTER MEUBEL • foscarini twiggy lamp via MASTER MEUBEL • björk rug from DESIGN HOUSE STOCKHOLM • cross blanket by PIA WALLEN • wall shelf from IKEA • moebe frame via NORDIC LIVING • brass square candle holder from MALLING LIVING • little wooden birds from KAY BOJESEN • leather mat in teepee from GATHRE • pink leather gathre mat in basket via ZOEN VOOR GUST • black aal82 chair from hay via MASTER MEUBEL • basket with handles from MALLING LIVING


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