decorating a home, to me, is almost an excercise in mindfulness. while i am scanning a room, assessing how a space could look and feel better, look for things to move around until something clicks – i don’t think of anything else. i’m not stressed about my job, i’m not fretting about my kids’ meltdowns from that morning, i don’t have a chance to feel bad about anything, really. i’m hyper focused but at the same time super calm. it really relaxes me, and even gives me energy, to remove all the contents from one cupboard to sort through them and move them into different boxes and different closets, so the original cupboard can change place and get a whole new function. i’ve always been this way – just ask my mom how many times i got up on a weekend morning and decided my childhood bedroom would not look the same by the time the sun would set.

a few of you who follow me on instagram have this year asked me to do a home tour, and i would love nothing more. the recovering perfectionist in me won’t allow me to do it live on stories yet – i’m recovering, but not nearly there yet – but i’d love to do the tour right here on my blog. it gives me the time to go through each room and ‘reset’ it with intention, ready for the new year to roll around. i’m starting with the master bedroom, because that’s where i’ve invested a lot more time and energy lately. the kids’ rooms are so much fun to decorate and re-invent from time to time, but just like parenthood has guided our focus as a couple to our kids, i’ve began neglecting our own space in our home. i really want it to become my favorite room again, where i can feel like myself – all the parts of myself.

the first thing i needed to change, was our lighting situation. the paper lamp we had hanging from the ceiling was lovely when we bought it eight years ago, but the white paper had turned yellow and it had become a sad little remnant of our pre-adult lives. when i discovered the FERM LIVING BRAIDED HANGLAMP while scrolling through the DESIGN LAMPS on, i didn’t hesitate for a second. the rotan design by TRINE ANDERSEN is a much better match to the natural materials and neutral tones i have embraced in our bedroom, and which give it a nice, calming atmosphere.

the lamp ties in nicely with the dried flower bouquets that found their way to our room after i redecorated the living room with evergreens for christmas. they feel nice here, i think they’ll stick around for a while as they’re so timeless and elegant. remember THAT VASE by the way? i love to invest in pieces that you know will fit in anywhere in your home. while arguably my cupboards are perhaps a tad too full with items like this right now, it’s so nice to be able to ‘shop’ from your own collection to change things up every now and then.

you might also recognize the HOME OFFICE CORNER that used to live in our guest bedroom – which we moved here when we turned that room into eloise’s bedroom. as you can see we have changed our printer (goodbye ugly black thing, hello slightly less ugly white thing) but i am still using the moebe organiser set. now i come to think of it, most all of the recent additions to our interior over the last two years have been in natural wood and/or brass. i just love how those colors brighten and warm our mostly white interior, and how they seem timeless to me right now. i’ll probably look back on this in ten years and disagree, but at least i know i’m good for another decade!

i’m only showing you guys one side of our bedroom today, because i have something else to share on the other side that i want to devote a post to. stay tuned – and let me know which room you’d like to discover next! are you tired of seeing the girls’ rooms yet?

FERM LIVING LAMP gifted by my partner • as usual – all opinions, stories and photos are my own

‘t is the season to be gifting – have you figured out what you’re going to wrap up for your loved ones yet? as promised, i have put together a little list of ideas gathered at my most recent trip to GALERIA INNO in antwerp, where i searched every floor for the nicest brands and items to get your friends and family (and yourself) that perfect present.

one of my favorite departments to browse has always been beauty and cosmetics. it’s something that i won’t ever start buying online, for example, because i prefer to try everything on my own skin before committing to it. i had a lovely little chat with the beautiful girl at the dior counter, who was rightfully proud of its recent new design. she guided me through the different make-up collections to help me find the perfect little gift for myself – a new concealer and mascara. i’m planning to approach 2020 bright-eyed, and to be completely honest i also fell completely in love with the gorgeous dior gift-wrapping counter. anything you buy here will be wrapped to perfection, in an elegant, glamorous little bag or box. of course you could also head over to mac, which displayed breathtaking special christmas editions of its best-selling products, in shiny star-shaped packaging. perfect present under the tree for those glam girls in your life.

i also loved discovering the small antwerp-based jewelry brand that had a beautiful pop-up shop at galeria inno. the necklaces, bracelets and earrings all come packaged in a pretty see-through tube that can be used for so many different purposes afterwards. i especially loved the different kinds of pendants to carry your favorite initals close to your heart. also close to any woman’s heart is lingerie – and though i didn’t take a lot of photos in that department (too busy trying on every single style from love stories, aubade and marie jo), rest assured that it is well worth a visit on its own. i basically grew up in the lingerie shop my mom and grandmother ran together while i was young, so i have a very good idea of what makes a well-fitting bra and what i like. that’s why i like being able to browse entire collections on my own – and there’s always someone to help if you do need a second opinion or some assistance.

realizing i had mostly been browsing for myself up until that moment, i headed upstairs to the men’s department to score some gifts for the men in my life. most of them are pretty classic and like iconic brands, so i had plenty of options to choose from between the ralph lauren and tommy hilfiger corners. they both have really nice packaging, so if you ask to have anything gift-wrapped, it will be in the signature style of the brands. my go-to’s are the super soft plaid scarves and 100% woolen gloves, but i personally also love the semi-ironic cutesy bear and christmas prints at ralph lauren. perfect if you’re still looking for an ‘all the way into christmas eve’ outfit to take your annual family photos!

on the next floor i got sidetracked again, because – surprise, surprise – i also love timeless style and classic, iconic brands. i may or may not have tried on the entirety of the weekend by max mara and lauren by ralph lauren corners. that gold sequin dress took my breath away (but it left my muffin top firmly in place so we didn’t hit it off in the end). i bought a really beautiful outfit that will be perfect for informal holiday dinners with family, but plenty of the beautiful accessories would make amazing gifts for those who love a clean, minimal look.

i found so many more really good gifts in the home & kitchen department, because who doesn’t like a pretty new pillow cover or water carafe with matching glasses? sergio herman’s collection for serax is obviously also available in antwerp, and a ‘starter kit’ to start collecting this series would make someone like myself extremely happy. and a last little tip i found on the top floor between the travel accessories – a super lightweight, bright and shiny samsonite carry-on trolley would be perfect for those frequent travelers among your tribe.

so tell me – what would be your favorite department to score a gift for yourself? and do you fall back on the ‘gifting classics’ like socks, scarves, hats and perfume, or do you prefer to take more risks in finding the perfect gift? do you spend days browsing the entire city, or are you like me and do you prefer the one-stop-shop to satisfy your gift shopping needs?

post in collaboration with GALERIA INNO • as usual – all opinions, stories and photos are my own


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