Hotel Amour

January 14, 2011 • ParisTravel

my favorite sneaker brand converse took me to paris to showcase their latest collection and invite me to their (amazing!) you’re here event. true to form, they chose an unusual hotel to put their guests: one that used to be a brothel and sometimes still looks like it. needless to say, i loved it.


location # 9ième arrondissement, within walking distance of galeries lafayette (in case you were wondering)
design # lots of original, cool elements, and each room has a different style, but they’re all slightly weird and cosy
bathroom # my bathroom was enormous, some of the other journalists had a smaller one (but then they were also the ones with a terrace, so i didn’t hear them complaining), and gotta love the kiehl’s products. if you’re staying for more than one night, you can request whatever sample you need or like

connection # i think there was supposed to be free wifi, but i couldn’t access it. there’s no tv or phone in the room, but there’s a docking station for your iphone or ipod
atmosphere # too cool for school, not always as friendly as you could hope for
  food # breakfast was too expensive, but still delicious. i really liked the terrace downstairs for a late night drink – though i can imagine the noise coming from here will have bothered the rooms that looked out on it

value # relatively not that expensive, but beware: you’re not getting four star service here, you’re paying for the coolness of the place

check it out # the selby was here


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