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April 23, 2011 • Food and DrinkLife








 whenever someone asks me what i miss most about ny, i answer: the abundance of choice. whether to eat, buy, make or do – it always seems like you have a choice between a million of products, activities, restaurants, supermarkets and shops, and no matter what you’re looking for, it’s there somewhere, waiting for you. the trick is to find it – and that’s what i love doing most in ny: searching and discovering.

pics: fresh produce at eataly . dozens and dozens of different pastas, bitters and aromas at kalustyan’s . japanese food and stuff at sunrise mart . the wonderfully designed meyer’s cleaning products at a brooklyn grocery store . preppy ribbon at hyman hendler & sons

  • yep, call me a tourist (and hey i am) but i miss starbucks, just going whenever you like for a coffee. you are walking an oh i want coffee, and there it is starbucks. the idea is just genius. you can even choose where you want to buy your Chanel shoes, you have like 6 choices in the city. or the soft drinks!!! so many choice… it is like everything is there…. or hotels, endless choices.

  • The endless choices you have in NYC, are one of the reasons I miss it as well (& one of the reasons I could live there).

    Thanks for providing us with all your discoveries through your blog posts. :)

  • Ha, the meyer’s products… I saw them too in Brooklyn. If they sold those in Belgium, I would like cleaning so much more. But it seemed me a bit to exagerated to bring them home with me on the plane :)

    But the choice in NY is indeed amazing, though sometimes, I found myself spending way to much time in a random supermarket or grocery store… guess I would have to learn how to handle all that choice.

  • @Kelly You’re very welcome! Thanks for commenting, it’s nice to hear sometimes people actually like what I’m doing here :)

    @Anouk I couldn’t not bring home some Meyer from NY… I bought the Rosemary hand soap and Lavender dryer sheets. Boyfriend thought I was crazy and obviously my suitcase was too heavy. So worth it though :)


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