generally, i’m not really into festivals, and i’m definitely not a groupie of any kind. but witness me dropped at the rose bowl flea market in the company of mr. adriano goldschmied himself, and you’d beg to differ. i was so fricking excited, i didn’t know what to do with myself. i think i managed to have a decent conversation with adriano, and i even managed to take some halfway decent snapshots. but i was too overwhelmed to take it all in.

i would do a lot of embarassing stuff to be able to go back to passadena on july 9 and 10, when there’s the second annual LA street food fest on saturday, followed by the flea market on sunday. now that’s what i’d call a perfect weekend.
picture of the LA street food fest by victorcab on flickr

there’s just something about food trucks and vintage stalls that i can’t resist.


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