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August 11, 2011 • DesignInspirationLife

about the ace hotel: “there’s a million stories in that lobby”
about the standard grill: “creating something that feels familiar, without recreating.”
consulting one of my favorite off the beaten track new york city guides, the scout mag, i stumbled across this beautiful video profile of stephen alesch and robin standefer, the principal designers of roman & williams. it’s insane that i hadn’t looked them up yet, seeing as the spaces they designed in new york have been the ones that simultaneously impressed and inspired me the most. but i’m glad this little video is how i learn more about them, as it’s an incredibly respectful, open and honest look at what they do and how they think. it gives me the feeling i would love to sit down with them some day, have a cup of stumptown coffee and pick their brains.
roman & williams 
the scout mag


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