California Dreaming

September 8, 2011 • Los AngelesTravel

who needs travel guides when you have the internet? personally, i think bloggers are the main reason why i’ve been wanting to go to california, so badly. if you’ve been following bri of designlovefest, bonnie of bforbonnie or joy of ohjoy – you know what i’m talking about. these girls seem to be living such creative lives, share such warm friendship and are so incredibly amazing in communicating their experiences – whether through graphic design or photography. i think i’ve made a wishlist of things to see and do (and eat! my god, the food on these blogs!) based on their three blogs alone. somehow, i feel pulled in by the west coast more than the east right now. i will always love new york, but i think i was always more of a brooklyn gal anyway, and much of what is happening in california these days aligns perfectly with that brooklyn vibe, though perhaps less in a hipster way. i don’t know – but i’m eager to find out.


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