Fixing A Drink

April 4, 2012 • Food and Drink




as i’ve said before, my goal for 2012 is to master the art of fixing the perfect cocktail. so when bacardi, bombay sapphire and grey goose invited me to participate in a workshop, i jumped at the chance. and let me tell you – those were an interesting couple of hours. we were taught how to prepare a few of the classics, but i especially loved learning tips and tricks that are applicable to making cocktails in general: like how to handle a shaker, or what the little measuring cups are called (the smaller one is ‘pony’, the bigger one is called ‘jigger’). i’ve become even more intrigued and am very much looking forward to this friday, when i’ll be serving my friends some special concoctions at a dinner at my place. i’ll keep you updated if we survive the weekend.

cocktail with berries: daisy de santiago // fentimans tonic water (botanically brewed and so, so good – available in belgium via here) // cocktail with liquorice: gin tonic with a twist


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