of all the foodie places we had bookmarked for our milan trip, we were most looking forward to erba brusca, and our visit did not disappoint. the surroundings were as lovely as we had imagined, with a cosy back yard herb garden, a heated patio and the right mix of nonchalant and deliberate vintage touches to its interior design. then we met chef alice delcourt, who we can honestly say is the prettiest and coolest chef we’ve met to date – and boy, can she cook. 

we ordered appetizers, an entree and desert, but during dinner alice sent out samples to give us a taste of the rest of the menu. i can honestly say i loved everything i tasted that night. from the grilled octopus to the vegetable tarte tatin – everything tasted fresh and simply amazing. we’ve already decided to make erba brusca our one must-do for every visit we’ll ever make to milan, even though the restaurant is way out of the city center. believe us: it’s so worth the trouble.


exploring department store excelsior proved to be fun in more than one way. i finally found those cool neon letters for my home office, and we stumbled upon eat’s, a glorious bistro and food market, as the lovely sign states. you’ll know by now that i’m a bit of a foodieshopaholic, so this was very dangerous territory for me. but instead of spending our cash on truffle salt or designer tea, we opted to have lunch right then and there – at a bar table in the middle of the store. a plate of prosciutto crudo and a glass of red – it doesn’t take more than that to turn me into a (tired looking) happy camper.


my favorite place in the via tortona has to be god save the food. we didn’t actually eat much here – a couple of nice and buttery croissants to go with our coffees – but i adore the look of this place. forsaking cosy for hipster design, it is perfect for simply sitting there and watching beautiful people roam in and out of the place. definitely a good place to stop for a quick cup of coffee or healthy lunch (you can see chefs prepare tasty looking salads and sandwiches in the open kitchen) and it’s cheap to boot!

shockolat is the one place in milan i didn’t pick out because of its design or cool factor. it’s got a lame name, a terrible font and awful interior design – but the promise of tasting the best and possibly weirdest chocolate ice cream of my life more than made up for all of its shortcomings. so hike out to shockolat and stand in the annoyingly long line outside we did. but it was so. so. good. i chose a combination of pepper and tangerine chocolate and for a while there, i really did think i had died and gone to chocolate heaven.

photos by stephanie duval and matthias rabaey


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