the world of design is one of collaborations, it seems. personally, i love when genius minds clash and end up with something that is the best of both worlds. unsurprisingly then, my favorite places in milan last weekend celebrated this kind of collaboration. one of them was the wallpaper handmade exposition at the brioni palazzo. the past two years, i’ve devoured the magazine’s stories behind the objects they commission for this occasion, but this year i was thrilled to be able to see them all up close.

1 the palazzo brioni at via gesu / 2 the rad customised logo (check out the making of wallpaper’s letterpressed, blind-embossed and die-stamped invitations here) / 3 a collection of objects, each one more lustworthy than the next – including the leather clad ‘spel’ games table designed by belgian michael verheyden and the gorgeous ‘sellier’ felt chair by denis montel, eric benqué and hermès / 4 i’m not a fan of the monogram, but with this ‘v’ tent sam hecht and kim colin created something with louis vuitton that i wouldn’t mind having / 5 drawings of the ‘v’ tent / 6 ‘ideology is over’ candle by ciré trudon and stefan brüggemann / 7 karl lagerfeld and steidl‘s ‘paper passion’ perfume / 8 the painted wall by gijs frieling, job wouters and schmincke, with bags of joe & seph’s pop-up popcorn in the front

i also knew a visit to the merci pop-up shop with paola navone absolutely had to find its way into our itinerary, and so it did. i adore this paris concept store even more than i ever loved colette, and its milan presence didn’t disappoint. graphic design enthusiasts like myself went bonkers for navone’s black and white prints and it took every ounce of discipline i had not to kidnap one of those polkadotted chairs.

1 i wonder whether someone drove the infamous red merci mini all the way from paris to milan? / 2 the books channeling merci’s library café were mere decorations around here / 3 i love the middle print best / 4 had to sneak in a photo of aesop – y’all know me well enough to know why / 5 the. chairs.

photos by stephanie duval


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