Cali Calling

May 25, 2012 • CaliforniaLas VegasTravel

now that i have finally recovered from the jetlag to end all jetlags (does anyone else hate flying east as much as i do?), i have started sorting through the literally thousands of photos we’ve taken during our trip to california. i can’t wait to tell you about the cool spots we’ve visited and the sweet moments we shared, because obviously this wasn’t a very ordinary trip – not after this happened.

for now, i wanted to share some snapshots from our day of travel into the states, which was epically long (20+ hours) but surprisingly pleasant. i can’t recommend united and lufthansa airlines highly enough – i loved the service on the flight to washington airport and in its lufthansa business lounge. we even took a shower there and felt completely revived when we boarded our second flight, into las vegas. 

speaking of which – what a crazy town. i guess every tourist has a picture of the first slot machines that welcome them to las vegas airport, but i just couldn’t resist. i’ll be back soon with more pics, but if you can’t wait, you can always check out my instagram feed right here to see the snapshots i posted during our trip.

throughout the photos above you can spot: my beloved converse sneakers // my all-time favorite travel cardigan by essentiel // my kipling trolley // this striped h&m tee // aesop and nuxe essentials and rosebud salve // copies of de standaard magazine and wired

  • Nice pics, love the rosebud!

  • Marie

    Die foto op de roltrap is een prijsje waard! Super!


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