Merci Paris

June 21, 2012 • FranceParisTravel

i had a blast last weekend in paris. from the moment when my best friend chose me to be maid of honor (one of two, actually) i knew her bachelorette party was going to take place in her favorite city in the world. we put together a little trip to see a different side of paris: staying at the super cool mama shelter, snapping photobooth pictures at bonton, eating at merci (and fruitlessly stopping by rose bakery, merce & the muse and wanderlust, all of which were fully packed and sadly couldn’t seat our group of eight). we also stopped by daniel buren’s monumenta 2012 at grand palais (impressive!) and tim burton’s expo at the cinémathèque (so, so cool). it all made me realise just how much i love paris.

those watching closely see me wearing my beloved sperry top-siders and cheap monday skinny jeans

photos by stephanie duval


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