Aire De Bardenas

July 19, 2012 • DesignLifeSpainTravel

i’m actually not quite done telling you guys about our trip to california, but i already wanted to share our experience at aire de bardenas in spain last week. we were visiting friends in the pyrenees and made a short two-day trip to the tudela area to stay at this hotel. i can’t really describe it, but if i had to try, it would go like this: think design container camp in the middle of nowhere (and that nowhere actually looks a lot like california!)

we really liked our airy room with a little garden and the interiors of the hotel (except for the restaurant – a little too dark and overwhelming for us), but we especially loved the outside spaces like the patio, veggie garden, industrial swimming pool and the patch of trees smack in the middle of the little domain. if i were planning a wedding, i could definitely see it happening here. oh, wait a second. :)

during the day it was nearly too hot for the gap shorts and madewell top i was wearing, but by night it cooled off enough to wear my club monaco striped sweater


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