Getaway To London

July 12, 2012 • LondonTravel

my relationship with london has been a difficult one. first i was in love with it, then i discovered new york and i couldn’t care less about the city that would never quite be as grand or as cool. but recently i’ve started appreciating london again – so dear londontown, please accept my apologies for my neglect, i’m coming your way again some time soon.


i’m not even going to get into the shopping, there is just so much going on. though i will say: don’t skip liberty. but for this trip, i’d focus on relaxing. i absolutely adore british brand cowshed, and their spa at shoreditch house is so, so high up on my wish list.


relaxing also means strolling through galleries and taking in some art. raven row and art work space seem very interesting places to spot contemporary art. the latter is located inside of a hotel, which makes it all the more appealing to me.


food and drink in london are as exciting as ever, with foodie destinations like maltby street market and temples of modern fine cuisine such as dabbous. i suggest thoroughly scanning london/eater before calling in your reservations – excellent food blog!


no list of mine is complete without some hipster hangouts. in london, i’m super curious about the book club: cool name, ping pong tables, artful exhibitions, food and coffee – what more do you need? a place to rest your weary head perhaps: may i suggest citizenm‘s most recent addition to their portfolio?

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