handsome coffee roasters is definitely my favorite spot in los angeles. it’s located in the kind of industrial neighborhood that you see in cities all over the world: where the cool kids go to open their hipster hangouts and be far away from the mainstream masses. it’s a little ironic then, the amount of blogs where you see pictures of handsome popping up. the baristas didn’t bat an eyelash at our snapping the entire interior and then some – they even insisted on posing for a picture. clearly they get a lot of blogger visits. but rightly so – theirs was the most interesting tasting and most beautifully branded coffee i’ve had during our trip in california. and yes, that is me ‘holding’ my boyfriend’s iced latte for him while he’s taking pictures. he knows better than to ask that of an addict.

for the curious: i’m wearing ray-ban sunglasses, a tommy hilfiger silk top, j.crew chinos, a filippa k purse and zuriick slippers – and the boyfriend has obviously succumbed to my converse chuck taylor obsession

photos by stephanie duval and matthias rabaey


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