July 25, 2012 • CaliforniaDesignLos AngelesTravel

wherever i go – if there’s a museum of modern art, it’s on my to see list. these places usually are beacons of good design, art and architecture. and though i’ve seen my fair share of beautiful museums, nothing could have prepared me for the wonderfulness of lacma.

the building, its collections, the location, the cafe, the shop and even the outdoor area – everything felt so right and inspiring and interesting. notice how i can’t even properly describe it. so since my english seems to fail me in trying to convince you to go there, have another look at the pictures, will you?

also – my visit to lacma made me understand where so much of my personal aesthetic is rooted. i can tell anyone i’m an east coast girl as loud as i want, but apparently california has had a serious hand in defining my style preferences.

photos by stephanie duval


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