Hotel Ibsens

August 28, 2012 • CopenhagenTravel

so i left for copenhagen earlier this month without my identity card (turns out your driver’s license will also get you into any schengen country, who knew?) and without my camera’s battery charger – so all i’ve got are these crappy iphone pictures. for a minute at the airport i thought i had also forgotten my iphone, but that turned out to be a false alarm. i need to have a rule in my life that when i am in three different countries in one week, every essential is somehow attached to my body.

moving on. i stayed at the ibsens hotel in copenhagen, and i loved it. cool design, a warm and cosy lobby, quirky little details and a rad hotel sign outside: basically all i really need. i also didn’t hate the breakfast buffet (which i normally always, always loathe). best of all though, was how close the hotel is to the indoor food market torvehallerne kbh and mum’s restaurant – but more on that later.

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