Fall Break

September 17, 2012 • Life

so this moving to geneva business has been way more intense than i had anticipated. all i can seem to dream about right now are moments like the one above – some calm and quiet in my favorite coffee bar, typing away and getting inspired. but instead i’m running from city offices to banks and from accountants to ikea, trying to fit all of our stuff in a super tiny apartment and trying to legalize everything about my being in geneva full-time from now on.

i need one more week to get my things in order (and prevent people i work with from thinking that i have dropped off the face of the earth) and get settled in, and hopefully afterwards i’ll feel inspired to start blogging again. i am also taking this time off to re-think some things about my blog – its focus, its frequency and the matter of original versus curated content – so you can expect some adjustments by the time i get back.

see you soon!


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