23ieme Lieu

October 26, 2012 • Food and DrinkGenevaTravel

as we are now much less frequently returning home, the boyfriend felt like he should find a local hairdresser (i’m still resisting, i feel like i only just discovered my true hairstyling soulmate at antwerp salon snip.snip – but more on that later). so when i walked by 23ème lieu for the first time, i knew that was going to be the place. i mean, it has a bio juice bar. so while the boyfriend was getting his hair done, i was happily sipping my carrot-ginger juice and (not quite) relaxing in a weird massage chair (but the gesture was nice).

i felt like the decor was all over the place and could definitely do with some careful editing, because there were some really cool elements, and it has some pretty rad art hanging on the walls. but it all drowns in this incoherent sea of what i call a typically genevois effort to be hip – something a lot of businesses around here seem to be suffering from. in any case, the people at 23ème lieu make it impossible to be overly critical of the place, as i really have never experienced such friendly and warm service anywhere.


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