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October 25, 2012 • Style

one of the reasons why i personally love following other blogs, is that i find it fun to find out what their favorites are. if i dig what a blogger posts about food, travel or fashion, i’ll probably want to know which books and restaurants they like, too. so i thought i’d launch this new feature to introduce you to some of my personal favorites.

though this is not a beauty blog, i do consider my preferences in cosmetics and beauty products as part of my aesthetics, so starting off with a few of my beauty favs seems like a good idea. also – i know from experience it can be a challenge to find beauty advice that is just right for you on the numerous beauty blogs out there (who seem to review everything they can get their hands on). so much like the spotify idea of ‘if you’re into this, you might be into that’, i’d like to introduce you to some of my personal favorite products which you might like if you enjoy this blog.

 i’m convinced that ‘less is more’ and prefer make-up that looks natural – nail polish included. i’m a huge fan of the japanese koh line that has everything you need for a home manicure (i hate wasting time at salons). i especially love their crystal nail file and calcium nail whitener. i used one coat of essie’s mademoiselle pink in that second picture – essie is by far my favorite brand – not too expensive, it has amazing colors and very easy-to-use brushes (good for a hand-eye-coordination-challenged person like myself). if i do want to dress my nails up a little, i prefer feminine pinks and reds over crazy colors, but i’ve also been seduced by dior‘s darker shades. they are pricier, but one coat is more than enough. if i want a more dramatic effect, i’ll add the rock coat.

these are the items in the pictures: 1 koh crystal nail file / pink mood / long lasting base coat / cuticle response / calcium nail whitener / 2 cos scarf / massimo dutti sweater / filippa k leggings / chanel boots / 3 dior rock coat / gris montaigne / bond street / 4 essie mademoiselle / punchy pink / cute as a button / lacquered

photos by stephanie duval


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