The Cabin

October 12, 2012 • Home Decor

one of the few frustrations i have with the area that i call my home these days, is the seemingly absolute and utter lack of exciting design and architecture. and it’s not just geneva, you wouldn’t necessarily associate the alps with cool hot spots either, right? but there is hope.

this redesign of a cabin in french ski resort les menuires by h2o architectes landed in my inbox last week and has me wishing i was the private client they did it for. can you believe they managed to fit eight beds into a space that is roughly the same size as our apartment in geneva (that is to say: imagine tiny and then cut off another ten square meters)? i also love how light the apartment feels and the fact that it is not at all ‘chalet-y’.

doesn’t make me want to yodel – always a good thing.

images by julien attard via h2o architectes


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