Back To Black

December 27, 2012 • Style

maybe i have a thing for black shoes. so what? they go with everything. the best part about them is that they’re not reserved for any particular occasion. i’d just as well wear the heels with jeans as i would the sneakers. okay, so maybe the aigles i wouldn’t wear to go shopping – though you never know, i really dig their horseriding look.

i love that my favorite pairs of shoes have stories to them. i got the aigles when i visited their factory in france – seriously a very coole experience, by the way. the mouse flats i had been eyeing for years before i finally bought them for a very, very special reason (more on that later). the all stars are somewhat stuck to my feet, really, and they’ve accompanied me all over the world (though not just this pair, i think i’ve gone through four or five pairs of black ones so far).

buying the chanel boots was a delight all by itself. i walked into the store in august, clad in summer shorts and sandals, dishevelled as i always am in hot weather. but the shop assistants couldn’t have been any more sweet and helpful, making me feel like a princess anyway. and yeah, i am so in love with their classy take on the biker boot.

as for the loubs? admittedly the whole ‘red sole’ thing is a bit tired and over and – dare i say it – wag. but it’s just the truth that i’ve never owned a pair of high heels that fit me so well, that i could wear through the entire night and that made me feel this sexy. so there.

top to bottom: converse all stars // chanel boots // christian louboutin filo 120 suede // marc by marc jacobs mouse flats (similar here) // aigle chantebelle wellies

photos by stephanie duval


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