Bye 2012

December 31, 2012 • LifeTravel

these are some random things that i did in 2012 that i am thankful for (and that basically made this year rock).

met and worked with some pretty awesome people – you know who you are. // was the best maid at my best friend’s wedding. // drank liters and liters of coffee. mostly very good coffee. // got engaged in palm springs. // moved from antwerp to geneva to be closer to the person i like best in the world. // met some professional challenges head-on and learned a lot from them. // traveled to california, berlin, istanbul, barcelona, budapest, new york, paris, glasgow, copenhagen and perhaps a few more destinations i can’t think of right now – and loved every minute of it. // took some awesome photobooth pictures that i will cherish for life. // sent out our wedding invitations (sneak peek above!) and started planning both the wedding and honeymoon (so. much. fun.) // read a few great books (but not nearly enough of them). // continued to photograph my converse-clad feet everywhere i went.

photos by stephanie duval


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