Caffeinated New York

December 7, 2012 • Food and DrinkNew YorkTravel

so i guess i don’t need to tell you anymore i’m sort of a coffee freak? wherever i go, i try to find the really good places to get a flat white or espresso, because most of the time these are the nicest places to get to know cool people, discover other foodie-related stuff or be inspired by overall creative surroundings.

in new york my favorite place so far had been stumptown, next to the ace hotel, but i was ready to discover some new places. in brooklyn, this led me to toby’s estate in williamsburg – without a doubt the nicest place to hunker down for a few hours, laptop at hand and a steady supply of the amazing bedford blend espressos.

closer to our hotel, i used the new york’s best coffee app to find a blue bottle nearby – i had no idea it had been across the street from chelsea market all along! the coffee there was great, and it definitely reminded me of our trip to california earlier this year.

lastly, i also went by saturday’s surf on crosby street to check out their surf supply/fashion shop annex coffee bar, and everything looked great – but i was there around 7 pm and even for a caffeine addict like me that’s too late in the evening to enjoy a cup and not lie awake the entire night. so next time, i’m definitely returning here to try out an espresso.

perhaps next time i’m in new york, i’ll test a bunch more places and make a personal map of my favorites – the right combo of great coffee, nice atmosphere, friendly people and well-designed surroundings. would you like that?

photos by stephanie duval 

for your information: this new york trip was made possible by brussels airlines – read my review of their business flight between brussels and new york right here.


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