December 21, 2012 • Style

i don’t think i have professed my love for belgian brand essentiel on here yet, so i figured showing you these lookbook images in front of the world’s raddest background would be the perfect opportunity.

essentiel, the ways in which i love thee.

you were my first true love in a sea of designer labels that i couldn’t afford and mid-level brands that were just so meh. a little over ten years ago, i bought my first piece of you, and i still have it lying around somewhere – can just not bring myself to get rid of it (even though i can’t even fit my arm in there anymore). it was the beginning of a lifelong love affair, which still leads to at least one shopping spree each season.

thank you for gradually evolving from wardrobe staples to belgium’s favorite fun-brand, for being the cool kid in town, and for inspiring everyone by having the nicest power couple ever at your helm. oh, and one of the awesomest designers, too. (seriously, follow these people on instagram, i tell ya!)

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