December 18, 2012 • Home Decor

i love decorating. there’s no other or cooler way to say that, i’m afraid. i especially love buying blankets and pillow cases and i frame everything i can get my hands on to hang it against the wall. i think it’s because we have so little space in our geneva apartment – i compensate for what i can’t have in furniture.

when EZISLIVING, a new belgian home decoration webshop, offered to send me my favorite piece from the shop, i went straight for the blanket. i have a whole collection of them – always soft, always in some shade of grey, and preferably with some kind of interesting texture or print. unsurprisingly, i fell head over heels for the striped alpaca wool blanket by elvang.

i also thought this was the perfect opportunity to show you guys a little more of our apartment. our bedroom – which you’ve seen before – and our living room, or, as i like to call it, my second home office. i get cold so easily sitting behind my computer for hours on end, so i always have one of my blankets at hand to keep me warm. there’s also nothing i love more than getting cosy on the sofa with a cup of coffee, a blanket and a movie. and if i can do so surrounded by stripes, you know i’m game.

what do you see in the pictures? ork posters framed above our bed // striped ralph lauren bedding // the wonderful elvang plaid from ezisliving // a bold & noble typographic poster of the united states and two vintage americana items i got from etsy against our living room wall // an assortment of pillows and blankets i got on my travels during the past few years, all heaped on our ikea manstad couch // my heartstripe sweater from madewell // fred de la bretoniere‘s crazy warm socks // a totally adorably textile bunny brooch handmade by almacen marabi, which i brought from barcelona

photos by stephanie duval


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