Go For Bronze

December 12, 2012 • Design

i love meeting cool people on the interwebs. yes, that’s dorky, but it’s true (and anyway, this post is only to become dorkier). when i first heard about rad and hungry, i freaked out. i blogged about them, too. (and again. and again.) then i started following the brains behind it all – hen – on twitter and instagram, and in the real world anyone would have called this situation slightly unhealthy and borderline creepy. 

but not on the interwebs, oh no. it turns out hen is the coolest person ever, and apparently she thinks i am pretty alright, too. i was beyond flattered when she asked me to collaborate with rad and hungry to celebrate their 25th geographically themed office supply package. inspired by my instagram photos of things i see and love out there in the world during my travels, she and the rad and hungry team have put together a special 70percentpure package for all you guys to possibly win!

now i am not one to start throwing contests at you, but if there are office supplies involved, well, i’m in. and i know there are plenty of other office supply geeks out there, so get your smartphones at the ready to snap some pics and win this little sucker. i’ve gotten a sneak peek at the stash already, and it’s looking superawesome.

so what do you do? it helps if you follow me and hen on instagram, of course. then, keep an eye out for the hashtag #goforbronze – the theme of rad and hungry’s celebrations. every day for a week, either hen or i will post a photo with a theme that links rad and hungry and 70percentpure. might be coffee, might be design, might be something travel related. you’re invited to post your own photo and tag it with the theme of the day and #goforbronze. out of all the posted photos, hen and i will select one winner at the end of the week.

additionally, every participant in the contest – so everyone who posts a photo with the #goforbronze tag – qualifies for a supercool promo over at rad and hungry. you buy two stmt back issues, you get one for free. just include the link to your photo in the notes section as you order, and highlight the top two issues you’d like to get for free. pretty amazing, right?

can’t wait to see what y’all will snap!

all photos from hen’s instagram feed


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