December 28, 2012 • GhentTravel

 it’s official, ghent is the new brooklyn. they seem to have it all. underground culture, hipster coffee bars, a creative scene that is only slightly incestuous (as are all good creative scenes in my opinion). and cool shopping, of course. my favorite clothing stores for both men and women is rewind, so when it opened its design spin-off, humør, i knew i’d be hooked from the first visit. i could literally buy everything in there (as a matter of fact, i already own a lot of the stuff they sell) – so if anyone is ever looking for a present for moi, you know where to find it.

photos by stephanie duval 

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  1. Laura says:

    ja, ja, ja! supertoffe winkel! of moet ik nu concept store zeggen? ;-) ‘k heb er ook al veel coole dingen gezien! perfecte winkel voor hét perfecte cadeau…

  2. Steph says:

    let’s go for ‘inspiration shop’ :)

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