Eefje De Coninck

January 14, 2013 • Inspiration

i recently stumbled upon a blog post that made me think. is what we do worth less if others are also doing it? even if we were the first ones to think of it? and when are we really, like really-really, the first ones to think of anything? less often than we suspect, probably. does that mean we’re unoriginal? uninspired?

i don’t think so. i think original ideas can come to different people in different ways, and i believe everyone is influenced by friends, peers and people they look up to. that doesn’t mean i condone copying each other’s work in any way, but i do think when two people do roughly the same thing, they still do it for different reasons and in a different way that makes it interesting in its own right.

long story short: there are lots of photographers and writers out there who are going to other people’s houses to interview and photograph them. i think probably the selby was the first one to become so popular with it (or at least on the internets, i believe this formula has been around in print journalism for aaaaages), but i can think of plenty of other photographers who do it in their own way, and who do it well.

eefje de coninck is one of those people for me. i really like the vibe in her pictures. raw, intimate and sophisticated in an uncontrived, pure way. of course i also love her subject matter: creative and inspiring belgian women, some of which i’ve had the pleasure of meeting or working with. if you have a couple of minutes today, check out her monthly photo interviews on her blog.

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