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normo is one of those places i truly fell in love with from the first time i visited. i love it so much i try to go there at least once every time i fly back to belgium. last year when a local newspaper ran an article about bloggers and wanted to interview me for it, i suggested we take the picture at normo because that kind of setting totally represents my approach to blogging: i love doing it on the go, with a great cup of coffee, at the most inspiring places in cities around the world. i like the portrait belgian photographer liesje reyskens took of me (even though the lighting makes me look weirdly botoxed or photoshopped) since it’s so quintessentially me. also because i really loved that top, which i’ve since washed too warm and shrank to kids’ size.

can’t win ’em all.

my daily blogging uniform: striped tee (this one was massimo dutti) / denim (i love cheap monday) / converse (glued to my all stars) / trench coat (splurge on the burberry, cherish it forever) / mary poppins-size handbag (my céline literally hides my life in there)


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