Snap Happy

January 25, 2013 • Home DecorLife

i’m so happy i managed to soldier through the past week, battling germs with everything i could get my hands on (hence my newfound obsession with pomegranate and ginger tea). i did little more than sit at my desk, finish deadlines and then pass out on the bed for what i told myself were simply power naps.

strange as it may sound, i did enjoy being confined to the home office for a while. it forced me to look around the house in search of inspiration and rediscover some nice things i had lying around and somehow never really got to play with before.

i started a few diy projects for the wedding, added some of the beautiful business cards and goodies i got in berlin to my inspiration wall and finally read kinfolk back to back to get in the mood for tonight’s dinner party. it’s been nice focusing on myself and getting better for a while, but i can’t say i’m not also a little relieved my quarantine is over.

like what you see? my new mt tape dispenser and hay scissors are helping me with a few diy projects // i picked up an old issue of mono kultur in berlin because, well, dave eggers so duh. // played with my ace hotel, rad and hungry and wednesday paper works office supplies ’cause i’m geeky like that. // ginger tea is the best invention since coffee. // my love for kinfolk grows with every issue. and this year’s monocle alpino isn’t bad either. or am i biased because of my location? // mini still life in our kitchen, because i’m sparing you the mess that is the rest of it.


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