Snow Date

January 16, 2013 • FranceGeneva

last weekend was one of the first in a while i got to spend alone with my guy. i love having friends over in geneva – in fact, i live for those moments shared with them – but nothing beats quality time with my love. we went skiing on saturday (very first time it was just the two us!) and for sunday, we made plans for a different kind of snow date. we went snowshoewalking in la givrine, watched adorable toddlers skiing on baby slopes, fell backwards and forwards into the deep snow, found a few magical places, shot amazing photos and i made my first snow angel. it was all aces. and yup, that’s me instagrammin’ in there. but if you’ve been following, i didn’t have to tell you that.

what kept me warm and cozy in the snow: loungelife hat // spyder coat // peak performance pants // columbia boots (they are ah-mazing) // ray-ban glasses


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