Tea Time

January 10, 2013 • Food and Drink

you know i love my coffee, right? unfortunately, caffeine tends to have various effects on me. on my best days, it helps me feel focused and inspired, and it is literally like a drug that stimulates me to be creative. on my worst days though… well, imagine a duracell bunny with a personality disorder, and you’re getting close.

so every once in a while, i need to replace my daily dosage of caffeine with tea. it has nowhere near the same effect on me, but i really like the ritual of making it, and discovering different flavors. i admit, sometimes i get them out of the cupboard just to smell them. and those kusmi tins are so beautiful i keep them close where i can see them every day.

my current favorites are harney & sons hot cinnamon // mr jones stunning sofia, monkeys wedding and hotel d’amour (i love their names, too) // kusmi darjeeling and spicy chocolate // damman frères thé caramel


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