Thoughts On This Wedding Thing

January 8, 2013 • Life

yesterday a grad student asked to do a little interview with me on twitter about blogging and social media and i happily obliged (you can read the dutch recap here). he asked me how i felt about him knowing via my blog and social media that i am getting married, and he asked whether i would be tweeting or instagramming on the big day itself. it was interesting to be asked these questions, because i had never really thought any of this through.

it’s true that part of the reason why i blog is to keep a kind of journal of my life – what is happening, what i like and where i’ve been. in the beginning, i didn’t really see it as a social thing, but that has changed a great deal since then. now, the coolest thing that can happen to me is someone reaching out via comments – here, on twitter or elsewhere – to tell me i’ve managed to inspire them in some way or other.

the blog has grown a lot more personal over the past year, and i intend to keep it that way. to answer the first question above: i like that people know i’m getting married. i love sharing the joy i feel over that, and moreover, i love sharing the process of organizing and designing a wedding that feels and looks ‘like us’. don’t worry, i won’t turn this into a wedding blog – especially since i want our wedding to reflect the things that i care about anyway. there will be traveling, photography, cool design and hopefully lots of good food.

oh, and the answer to the second question? i’m still not sure whether i’ll actually be tweeting on the day itself. (seriously though, who am i kidding?)

 for now, i thought i’d share a first moodboard that i made to try and sum up the aesthetics of the wedding. inspired by our location, the beautiful design hotel aire de bardenas in the spanish dessert, i want things to look sleek and clean. there will be lots of graphic, geometric and typographic elements, and i hope to make the most out of the dessert setting to refer back to palm springs, where we got engaged last year.

photos left to right top to bottom // 1 i don’t need to explain how much i love this right? two of my favorite things combined. // 2 the wonderful hotel where the magic will happen. // 3 i love the colors in this picture of amerrymishap’s lovely jewelery. // 4 succulents. there will be succulents. // 5 i’m a sucker for cute typgraphy. // 6 geo-inspiration by toby ziegler. // 7 i want to make a bunch of things myself, banners included. // 8 one of the photos that was in my moodboard for the design of my dress.


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