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January 30, 2013 • LifeSpainTravel

you may know by now that i’m getting hitched in spain this year. we always knew we wanted a wedding abroad, since we love to travel and dreamed about getting married in the sun. if you’ve been to belgium, you know there’s no way to guarantee any kind of weather over there. besides, we don’t even live there anymore, so it just made sense to start looking for a cool destination.

our first thought was to go a little crazy and do the whole thing at the ace hotel in palm springs, as that’s where he asked me and it’s just such a good location for a wedding (in fact, the night he proposed, another wedding was taking place there!) but though we did want our wedding to be intimate, we knew moving it to the united states was going to prevent a lot of our friends and family from joining us.

so i started ransacking my brain in search of a good alternative, and i suddenly remembered a hotel i had seen on one of my favorite travel blogs. aire de bardenas has everything we love: good food, fantastic architecture and cool design, a truly romantic patio… and as it turns out, a location in the middle of the spanish dessert that is not all that different from the californian landscapes we’ve come to love. the boyfriend and i both love spain and try to go there at least once a year to visit our dear friends who live in the spanish pyrenees. we have lots of fond memories of roadtrips going there, and finding aire de bardenas really felt like something clicked.

i did some more research about getting married in spain (okay, a lot of research), and i came across two other places that look like they would be incredible wedding locations. i thought i’d share these with you, in case you have the same appetite for design and sunshine and, you know, are planning to have a dream wedding somewhere, some time.

// 1 //the sant francesc church in santpedor

we’re not going for a church wedding, but if we were, this is the only church i’ve seen so far that would suit us. it was renovated (and so much more) by architect david closes. images by jordi surroca, via designmilk

// 2 //hotel consolacion in teruel

having your wedding in a hotel takes away so much stress – everything you need is already there. the remote location and cool design of consolacion and its proximity to the gorgeous natural park alto tajo in guadalajara are what make this a dream wedding location, in my opinion. images by consolacion, via petitepassport

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  1. Oh, dat is echt mijn grote droom, trouwen op locatie en mijn hart ben ik daarvoor verloren in Santorini… Het enige wat mij tegenhoudt is de vliegreis waardoor enkele grootouders er niet bij zouden kunnen zijn :-( don’t wanna break their hearts!


  2. Ziet er goed uit. Waar woon je eigenlijk, als je niet meer in België woont?

  3. Steph says:

    @liesbeth compromize! ergens op het zuiderse vasteland, zodat je grootouders er met trein of auto geraken?

    @josie ik woon sinds vorige herfst in genève bij mijn verloofde, die er werkt.

  4. Lippylash says:

    U trouw gaat echt super zijn! Ik zie het al helemaal voor me ;)

    wij zijn nu Frankrijk en Italie aan het bekijken maar hebben eigenlijk nog niet gedacht aan Spanje! Er zijn zoveel mooie locaties dat het echt zo zo zo moeilijk wordt! :(

  5. Steph says:

    @lippylash thanks sweetie :) en seriously: overweeg spanje toch maar. er zijn een heleboel prachtige locaties, ver weg van alle costa del sol toestanden. spanje heeft prachtige natuur, heerlijk weer, héél lekkere wijnen… als je nog tips kan gebruiken, shout!

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