Wes Sumner

January 2, 2013 • Inspiration

it’s been a while since i’ve featured a photographer on here, but when i came across wes sumner‘s work i couldn’t resist. i think i feel particularly drawn to his subject matter because life in switzerland is changing me a little bit. yes ladies and gentlemen, your city girl has been feeling a little more outdoorsy lately.

it may have started in california, and it’s probably got something to do with snowshoewalking for the first time and having my breath taken away by the gorgeous snowy landscape. i’ve also learned to love hiking and i randomly won a mountainbike, but more on that later.

in any case, wes sumner’s life seems awesome – somewhere between walking on quiet beaches in california and camping in alaska. he certainly has an eye for what makes life beautiful, and i love the way he frames each shot. in short, he’s making me see what i want my life to be – and for what else do we love photography than for its potential to inspire us?

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