February 19, 2013 • DesignGeneva

i love meeting creative and entrepreneurial people all around the world, but when i do in geneva, it feels a little more special. it’s a tough town for creativity and thinking out of the box, so i have great respect for whoever does something cool around here. also, i really enjoy having the opportunity to go on coffee dates with them.

katia kaufmann, co-founder of swiss temporary art tattoo company tattyoo, definitely belongs to that category of inspiring people, and she’s a sweetheart to boot! i came across the beautiful tattoos online a while ago, and yesterday learned that they are all designed by artists from around europe. katia kindly gifted me two of my absolute favorites: the romantic ‘un beau jour‘ set and ‘feathers‘. i can’t wait to try them – i’m thinking my upcoming birthday will be the perfect occasion to wear them.

photos by stephanie duval 


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