if you do one thing today, please let it be reading this article. everyone’s favorite contemporary philosopher and the founder of the school of life, alain de botton, wonders why it is easier to be wicked than virtuous. i read it minutes after reading this dutch article by katrin swartenbroux (she’s one of my favorite colleague journalists and absolutely hilarious on twitter) on why women should stop being mean girls in real life (in short: they are only funny when tina fey writes their lines.) 

for me as a woman, both subjects are linked. i struggle with applying these things in my life, but i do agree with both writers. i need to work on nearly all of the virtues de botton mentions, but i especially love his take on humor as “disappointment optimally channelled.” i think printing out the manifesto and surrounding myself with these wise words may be in order.

as for the mean girl issue – i am not without fault there either. feeling frustrated, threatened or intimidated sometimes has seemed easier to cope with by villainizing the person who made me feel that way. but i’ve come to realize all that really does is put more negativity in my life and drain me from energy that i could have used trying to be better than before. so, no more of that.


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