Bodum X Stumptown

March 29, 2013 • Food and Drink

the next experiment in my collab with bodum switched up the delightful french press (which i tried and wrote about here before) for my bialetti moka express. it’s been with us since we moved to geneva as we orginally planned on saving space, trading in our espresso machine for this little one. also – i gotta admit – it’s just such a fricking good design. ours does look a little roughed up (here’s a hint: don’t put your bialetti in the dishwasher!) but i love it nonetheless.

i was super excited to try out the beans that i got from stumptown. as you might remember if you’re a longtime reader, i have a bit of a love affair with the ace hotel in new york and its adjoining stumptown coffee bar. it’s the first place where my heart started beating faster because of the taste of the coffee, not just because of the caffeine. i was so happy to finally be able to bring back home with me some of that vibe.

so i bought their signature hair bender beans and ground them in my small bodum coffee grinder. if i’m making coffee just for me (which is almost every day when i work from home), this grinder has just the right size to grind the necessary amount for one or two days. hey, if i can get my coffee fresh, i like it to be as fresh as possible – so no week’s worth supply for me.

and can i just say – this is just a whole other ballgame. you can’t really describe this coffee as espresso – it doesn’t have the same consistency (maybe i should be using more coffee or less water?) but it does have just as rich a taste. and that taste is way better than anything pre-packaged i ever tried.


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