Folk Fibers

March 25, 2013 • Inspiration



i have a little obsession going on with austin, texas. it may have started with sxsw, but that’s not the end of it – it just seems like such a creative, warm and friendly place. and a good deal of cool people seem to live there. one of them is maura grace ambrose, the talent behind quilt company folk fibers.

now i’m not one to get in a tizzy over quilts, but when i saw maura’s i could immediately picture the lovely picnics by the lake we could have on them. not to mention how good some of them could look on my bed. so i dug a little deeper and i found out a couple of things.

one: maura lives in a charming house that was probably hipster before the word was invented. two: she dyes all of her fabrics with natural dyes and saves no trouble to experiment and find new hues or ways to create them. and three: she has a rad collaboration with america’s favorite nature-inspired shop terrain under her belt.

girl, we need to meet.


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