Morris Kitchen

March 27, 2013 • Food and Drink

one of my favorite souvenirs from our last trip to new york is this bottle of morris kitchen ginger syrup. i admit i was attracted to the packaging first, the contents after. i first saw the bottles in ace hotel‘s lobby gift shop, then again at brooklyn farmacy, where i couldn’t resist any longer.

i’m on a bit of a ginger kick – it started with fresh ginger tea in winter, and it got worse once i discovered the dark ‘n stormy cocktail (ginger beer + gosling’s rum, seriously, try it!) so now i’m looking forward to fresh, summery concoctions using this syrup. simple lemonade – by adding soda water – already tastes great. i can only imagine all of the alcoholic possibilities.

by the way, if you haven’t discovered the makers project yet, you urgently need to. and see jennifer causey’s gorgeous pictures of morris kitchen’s talented duo!


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