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March 19, 2013 • New York

our trip to new york was wonderful (as you’ve perhaps noticed from MY INSTAGRAM FEED) but crazy busy. we were there to make a city guide for connections, and basically ran from one place to the next to photograph it and be able to describe it into detail. amid all the craziness, i completely forgot to raid a local magazine store for the newest issue of KINFOLKk, and i’m still kicking myself for that.

at the airport, before boarding our return flight, i did manage to buy a couple of my favorite new york magazines to bring home a little bit of the city with me. they all had super interesting features – on my hero tina fey, on belgian hottie matthias schoenarts and on new york’s best places to eat. the only downside is that they make me incredibly homesick for new york (which i have no right to call any kind of home, but still do anyway).

do you bring back that kind of souvenirs? the ones that make you hurt a little for not being at your favorite place in the world anymore?

photos by stephanie duval


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