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April 29, 2013 • Work

it’s the second edition of weekend knack’s annual blog awards, and i have been nominated for the second time. i can’t tell you what an honor it is for me to know that people have cared enough about this little blog to submit its url to the jury, and that said jury deemed my blog worthy enough to nominate it in the ‘personal’ category.

last year i was nominated in ‘design’, but i guess i understand why i ended up in another category this year. i have never really felt the need to claim one niche as my own. not travel, not design, not style or fashion or whatever other subject that i have occasionally blogged about on here before. even if there had been a coffee category, i sure as hell wouldn’t have fit in there.

i guess what i’m saying is – i’m happy to be considered a ‘personal’ blog. one that shares my view on the world, my interpretation of cities and my personal favorites in whichever domain i decide to explore. and i guess that the biggest honor for me is knowing that so many of you come by so often – daily, weekly or even biannually – because you are interested in what i share on here.

your comments have never been anything less than sweet, interested and encouraging. i love hearing from you guys – you seem like the coolest kids on the block (and if your email requests for travel tips are anything to go by, you’re a pretty well-traveled bunch, too). so allow me to go sappy on you for just this once and thank you for enabling me in this all-consuming blogging addiction of mine. 

you guys rock.

and if you go and vote for me you are even more rocking and awesome than ever before.


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