Bodum X La Colombe

April 11, 2013 • Food and Drink

last time we were in new york, i took care to not just visit my old favorites when it comes to coffee. philadelphia-based la colombe torrefaction seemed to be everyone’s darling, so i passed by their nolita location and picked up a bag of their beans. turns out they have a collab with leonardo dicaprio, of all people, and the proceeds from this particular roast go to a good cause. good news all around. (but honestly? i went for the prettiest looking bag. yup. roll your eyes at me, coffee snobs!)

i decided to give the other grinder bodum so kindly gave me a try. to be honest, i was so happy with the little travel-size one, i didn’t think a bigger version of it would have anything to add. but boy was i wrong. sure – it takes up more precious kitchen real estate than the little one, but it makes up for that by being so. frigging. easy to use. (and pretty. i definitely fell for his looks, too.)

just fill the top part with beans – you could almost fit an entire bag in there, and the top lid closes well so you can keep them for a while. decide for how many seconds you’d like this guy to grind (i just started with a few seconds to gauge how many i would need) and press the button. bistro takes care of the rest, and neatly presents your ground coffee in a glass cup, ready for use. definitely my new best friend around the house.

and the beans? they were great. entirely different from stumptown and blue bottle (which i found to be more or less alike), though i find it hard to describe the taste. i think i need to take a decent cupping class or something, because right now i sound about as silly talking coffee flavors as i do describing wine aromas.


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