Confetti System At Ps1

April 5, 2013 • New YorkTravel

ever since i learned about CONFETTI SYSTEM a couple of years ago, i’ve been obsessed. i was ecstatic to discover ghent coffee place CLOUDS IN MY COFFEE used them to decorate their place (check out my pictures HERE), but i nearly lost my mind when i figured out our last visit to new york coincided with ARMORY ARTS WEEK and confetti system was hosting an open night at the moma ps1 while we were there.

needless to say – we went (even though we were jetlagged out of our minds). nicholas and julie designed a huge installation in a corner of the museum, and it was just so. fricking. beautiful. i couldn’t stop smiling and needed a minute to just admire all the pretty shapes and colors before i could start snapping away.

standing there, feeling so overwhelmed and happy to finally experience the confetti system vibe the way the creative duo intended it, i was suddenly sure i need to have some of that sparkle at our wedding. i’m not exactly sure how yet, because i would want it to feel like ‘us’, too – not just copy the plentiful weddings that have made use of confetti system before. i’m letting the idea simmer for now.

photos by stephanie duval


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