Graphic City

April 29, 2013 • Design

i was incredibly proud to be a part of hasselt graphic design festival beyonderground last weekend. even though i’ve always been interested in graphic design, i must admit to being somewhat of a newbie to the scene. given the impressive line-up of graphic design rock stars that were present at the festival, i pretty much felt a little intimidated 100% of the time. but everyone i met there was so sweet and cool – it couldn’t have been a nicer experience.

beyonderground is co-organized by my good friends pablo and manon of design studio hectica, who partnered up with daan and deborah of design studio postcard of a painting. the latter also run art gallery alley in hasselt. if you have time this week, head over there to catch the last few days of beyonderground graphic city – the part of the festival that took over hasselt shops and shopping windows. i loved the mcbess and ugo gattoni expo at alley (someone please buy me that old fashioned on wood print!) and don’t forget to pop over to the playtype shop!


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