last year going to design week in milan was a revelation. i’d been to other design fairs before, but nothing really compares to the energy and the quality of milan this time of year. so when my travel partner connections graciously offered us a hotel room in milan last weekend, we gladly took the opportunity to return to the mecca of all things design. tune in this week to discover my favorites!

first stop on our itinerary was ventura lambrate – an area in milan that always stands out thanks to the creativity and experimentation of its participating designers. when people ask, i always say i go to milan for professional inspiration, but admittedly i am also making little lists in my head of things i’d like to see in my home one day. this certainly was the case at 010-020, where seven dutch designers and studios grouped together for the occasion.

i loved how their work seemed to feel both exactly on trend and original at the same time – they made what is happening in the design world their own. aren’t those lamps by studio wm gorgeous? i love the use of color and the beautiful kvadrat fabrics. if you weren’t already, you better get used to those pastel colors – they were everywhere. that said, if i could beam up studio mae engelgeer‘s new ‘ish’ textile collection, i totally would.

jeroen van leur‘s ‘woodstock’ was perhaps my favorite discovery. his clothing rack is so simple and so damn elegant! it’s based on the idea of tent poles and is meant to be mobile – you know, for us hipster urban nomads and all. of course i loved the version with rose-colored copper best (another trending color in design, but you already knew that).

and then there was lex pott, and what can i say except i want all of those ‘true colours’ vases.

our trip to milan was kindly sponsored by connections 

photos by stephanie duval


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