this was only the second edition of wallpaper‘s handmade exhibition that i ever saw, but already i’m pretty sure this is my favorite part about milan design week. wallpaper commissions cool designers to collaborate with cool companies and make good stuff together. what they come up with is always amazing: inventive and beautifully made.

this year i was smitten with the coffee bar run by london based coming soon coffee. unfortunately for my caffeine addiction the bar wasn’t open while i visited, but that did make taking pictures a lot easier (more pictures on the facebook page of 70percentpure). it was such a beautiful set up, with a customized coffee machine, a bar made just for the occasion and coffee beans by the world’s finest roasters.

unsurprisingly i also found myself drawn to the woolmark wool lab interiors projects, the food packaging items, the reinvented travel essentials – and the bike! let’s just say that if this exhibition had been a shop, i would have been in trouble.

photos by stephanie duval


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