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April 25, 2013 • StyleWellness

ceci n’est pas un beauty blog, that’s for sure. but it is the place where i share my honest experiences with you. if you, like me, don’t see the woods through the trees in beautyland, i hope my little beauty adventure can prove useful to you.

as a lifestyle journalist, i am often sent new products to try out, and don’t get me wrong: that’s awesome. but over the years i’ve developed the bad habit of using whatever products are sent my way, and it’s not because they’re the newest and the latest and the most lady gaga-est that they’re right for me. i have the same problem with beauty blogs: they write about so many great products that it’s almost the same as staring at the racks in the beauty shop and every. single. product. screams ‘buy me.’

so i teamed up with my favorite beauty boutique parfuma to discover an approach that would suit me. they have such knowledgeable people around and carry a wide variety of brands and lines – both big label and niche – so i felt in really good hands. parfuma will help me figure out a few beauty conundrums before my wedding: from achieving (as-near-as-possible) perfect skin to learning how to look radiant on my big day without looking like a made-up barbie doll version of myself.

we started out by defining the best skin regimen for the months leading up to the wedding. i was asked so many questions i had never thought about before, for a second it felt like i was in therapy. breakthrough realization? i wasn’t at all happy with my skin, which can seem greasy and feel dry at the same time. turns out i’ve been doing it all wrong: scrubbing too hard (ruins your skin) and using too rich a formula for hydratation (greased lightning!)

i was guided towards the products of la mer, because they are totally up to rehydrating skin in even the poorest condition – its algae-based recipe was invented to heal severe burns. anyhow – i never thought it would be right for me, as the creams seemed too rich (and frankly, that also means too expensive) for me. but they have different gels, creams and lotions for different skin types, so that’s one excuse out the window.

as for the hefty price tag? i’ve been using the complete regimen (with serum, lotion, scrub, eye balm, the works!) for a few weeks now, and admittedly there is no. way. back. i’m super careful not to use too much of the stuff, and still it got my skin in pretty amazing shape already. i feel like with la mer, you’re paying for the results, not the fancy celebrity brand campaign.

photos by matthias rabaey


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