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April 10, 2013 • Home DecorLife

i’ve been meaning to show some nooks and crannies of our tiny geneva apartment since i moved in last september, but i haven’t really gotten around to it before. then a while ago, i was sent a link to ikea‘s most recent belgian campaign ‘moet dat nu echt?’ it struck a cord with me – and not just because almost every piece of furniture in my home was made by the swedish chain – so i decided this was the perfect opportunity.

the campaign is based on the idea that we all feel a pressure to be perfect all the time. nothing new there, though i’d be quick to admit that blogging and social media have worsened things. did i shove the mess in our tiny home into the little closet space we have before taking these pictures? you bet. i tidied up, moved stuff around and even styled some things a bit, just like i usually do before i take an instagram.

gasp – is she faking it? not really. i think we all want to show our best side through the channels we use to express ourselves. i firmly believe in making a blog and social media accounts places for positivity and inspiration. but is it fair to the people who are reading or watching? do we raise the expectation that every pancake we eat tastes delicious, every room we inhabit looks beautiful and every pair of shoes we walk in is the best pair we ever wore?

perhaps. i know i sometimes freak out when i see other people’s documentation of their perfect lives online. but then i put things in perspective, and it often motivates me to look for beauty and excitement in my own little world. and it really is quite literally very, very small right now – in our tiny geneva apartment (did you see the reflection of the washer in the glossy kitchen doors?) but i’ve managed to create some nooks and corners that make me happy. is it perfect? not by a long shot. but i feel at home here.

i’m curious: how do you feel about the pressure social media is putting on you? would you feel better if everyone just showed the messes they make?

some fun facts about what you see above
that screensaver is called fliqlo and it’s free
i still love that wood nerd sign from oh dier living.
yes, those are all byredo candles. it’s a problem, i’m aware.
virtually every piece of furniture is ikea, except for the lights and the chairs. 
yes, i do typically keep about a hundred rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom.
we brought that best made first aid kit home from new york last year. i love it.
those white tea light holders are porcelain and so, so pretty. serax makes them.
i’ll be posting more pictures on 70percentpure’s facebook page if you’d like to see more. 

photos by stephanie duval


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