that’s right, i’m nowhere near done experimenting with my bodum coffee appliances. i had yet to use the french press in its family size, and let me tell you – it is indeed big enough to supply an entire family with their daily dose of caffeine (it makes eight cups). so with me working from home, all by myself, of course it resulted in me high as a kite on a major overdose.

since i started experimenting with grinding beans i’ve been jumping around like that a lot, so i realized maybe i needed help. not the clinical kind – although check back in a couple of weeks from now and maybe then we’ll talk – but the practical kind. so i searched for an app (of course i did, the app store has a solution for everything!) and i found one.

the intelligentsia coffee app was made by the west coast coffee roasters and guides you through different techniques of making coffee (but they have online brew guides, too). i’m still grappling with the exact right dosage of coffee for the perfect cup, but at least now i no longer feel like i’m just winging it.

oh, and the gasoline alley beans rock. that place was my favorite coffee discovery during our last trip to new york, for sure. more on that later – the guys from connections are hard at work turning my input into an urban explorer guide!


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